Relocation Services

If you should decide to relocate to Rochester, we can certainly help you to find a place to live. We pride ourselves in knowing everyone in town and we might be able to help your trailing spouse find employment. Perhaps you need a contractor or a painter or the name of a great pediatrician. We’re more than glad to make the introduction.


Rochester Culture

At first glance, our city may not elicit a ton of buzz or excitement but it’s a fantastic place to live. Why? Let’s start with the people. There is a kindness and a warmth that helps to define the culture of our community. I’ve always loved the saying that “the Midwest begins somewhere between Syracuse and Rochester”. There’s a small-town feel about our city mixed with many of the amenities one would hope to find in a larger city. We’ve got a vibrant cultural scene, AMAZING food (thank you, Wegmans), terrific health care, great schools and institutions of higher learning, and the changing of the seasons is gorgeous! If you’d like, we’d love to give you a tour to show you around.

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